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Dr Tamsen Rochat

Senior Clinical psychologist - University of KwaZulu Natal

Associate professor - Africa Centre for Population Health

P.O. Box 198
Mtubatuba 3935
South Africa

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The effect of exclusive breastfeeding support intervention on subsequent -development of children in the context of HIVMaternal HIV disclosure to school-aged children: a randomized controlled trial of a family-based intervention
Amagugu Champions for Children: Developing and testing a district level model for child and family-friendly clinical services


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Antenatal and postnatal depression, child development, surveillance of psychopathology, family centred prevention and treatment, childhood vulnerability and resilience.

Dr Rochat is a senior clinical psychologist at the University of KwaZulu Natal. In recognition of her clinical work with children and families she was awarded the prestigious ZERO TO THREE Leaders for the 21st Century fellowship in2005/6. Tamsen has developed a line of research on perinatal depression and HIV at the Africa Centre for Population Health which formed the basis of her PhD together. At the Africa Centre for Population Health, her work entails styding influences of parental and leads the NIH funded clinical trial, testing a parenting intervention for HIV positive mothers of primary school-aged children; and the Grand Challenges, Saving Brains study.