Our continued demographic surveillance in the local area afford us an unique opportunity to understand social, economic and demographic processes. This enables us to be able to design effective responses to emerging health outcomes, and developments in prevention and treatment.

What we’ll do

We will build on the existing knowledge-base at the Africa Centre for Population Health. We will focus on the issues of mobility, ageing and inequalities which are key determinants of health as society in Kwa-Zulu Natal undergoes transition. These are aspects of the local context that recent Africa Centre for Population Health research shows to be key characteristics of our setting and which we are well placed to study. We will increase our understanding of these population dynamics, how they shape health-seeking and health and are shaped by health. We have recruited Professor Janet Seeley to lead this work, having spent 10 years leading the social science programme at the UK MRC Programme in AIDS, Entebbe, Uganda.

Our key research questions:

  1. What determines mobility and migration in rural KZN?.
  2. How does diversity and inequalities within the population impact on health?
  3. How does ageing impact on health and health-related outcomes and their determinants for the population of KZN?
Society in Transition
Photo courtesy of Africa Centre.