coovanProfessor Hoosen Coovadia

Professor Hoosen Coovadia is an Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health and Emeritus Victor Daitz Professor of HIV/Aids research at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Commissioner for the National Planning Commissioner for the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa and Director for the Health System Strengthening division at MatCH (Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health) a Division of the University of the Witwatersrand. Professor Hoosen Coovadia is currently working in metropolitan Durban implementing well documented research findings on maternal, new-born and child health, on which he has spent a large part of his career. He was primarily involved in all aspects of academic paediatrics and built a very productive group during his tenure at UKZN. He was chairperson of the Mandela government’s first Commission on Maternal and Child Health to design appropriate policies for a new country, and was on a 3-person Commission to investigate the chronic problems at the University of Durban-Westville (Gautschi Commission). He also has had major interests in pursuing justice, democracy, development and freedom during and after apartheid. He has headed the largest International AIDS Conferences to be brought to South Africa, done much research on prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV, and was one of a handful of individuals in the country who publicly and consistently opposed the Mbeki administration on their bizarre AIDS policies.  He has published more than 327 papers on maternal child health in mostly international journals.