Photo of Delphine Perriat

Delphine Perriat

PhD Student

University of Bordeaux, France - Africa Centre for Population Health, South Africa

P.O. Box 198
Mtubatuba 3935
South Africa

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T. +27 (0)824872392

Social Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS

Delphine is a PhD student from the University of Bordeaux in France. She has a keen interest for the Social Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS. Her PhD project is entitled "Generalization of the “Treatment-as-Prevention” strategy for HIV in Southern and Eastern Africa. The ANRS 12249 Tasp trial and beyond." She performs her research within the framework of the ANRS 12249 Tasp trial, a research study on HIV prevention that is hosted by the Africa Centre for Population Health. Delphine has a MSc in Biotechnology Engineering from the University of Marseilles, France, and a MPH from the Pasteur Institute, France.