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Joseph Lamarange, PhD

Affiliation: IRD / Ceped (UMR 196)

Joseph Lamarange

19, rue Jacob
75006 Paris
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T: +33 1 78 94 98 70

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HIV/AIDS, socio-behavioural changes, testing, treatment and care cascade, prevalence estimates, men having sex with men

Currently, Joseph Larmarange is part of the antiretroviral treatment-as-prevention (TasP ANRS 12249) trial in rural KwaZulu-Natal with a specific focus on home-based repeat HIV testing and the impact of the TasP intervention on the cascade of HIV care at population level. He is also starting another project on demand and supply of HIV and viral hepatitis testing in Ivory Coast at national level, including the first cell-phone sampled survey conducted in West Africa. Finally, Joseph Larmarange is also a UNAIDS consultant for producing HIV estimates at sub-national level.