Photo of Benjamin Chimukangara

Benjamin Chimukangara

PhD Student 

Africa Centre for Population Health and
University of KwaZulu Natal

P.O. Box 198
Mtubatuba 3935
South Africa

E. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

T. +27 (63)3855380

UKZN MRC Flagship Award


  1. Makadzange A, Chimukangara B, Higgins-Biddle M, Birri R, Mahlanza T, McHugh G, van Dyjk J, Bwakura M, et al. (2015). Poor clinical outcomes among HIV infected adolescents compared with younger children in routine clinical care n sub-Saharan Africa (under review).
  2. Mutsvangwa J, Beck IA, Varyani B, Manhanzva MT, Zinyowera S, Bandason T, Chimukangara B, Dzangare J, et al (2015). Detection of Nevirapine (NVP) resistance mutations in Dried Blood Spots (DBSs) of infants exposed to sdNVP in Zimbabwe using an optimized, sensitive Oligonucleotide Ligation Assay (OLA) (under review).


  1. Chimukangara B, Gwanzura L, Mitchell R, Katzenstein D, Masimirembwa C (2014). Drug Resistance Mutations from Whole Blood Proviral DNA among Patients on Antiretroviral Drugs in Zimbabwe. Current HIV Res 12: 309–316.

HIV Drug Resistance

Benjamin Chimukangara recently joined the Africa Centre for Population Health Studies. The title of his PhD Thesis is: “Determining rates of primary HIV-1 drug resistance mutations and the clinical implications of pre-existing minority variants, in patients initiating antiretroviral treatment and followed-up over a two-year period, in KwaZulu-Natal.”