Photo of Dr Terusha Chetty

Dr Terusha Chetty

Clinical epidemiologist - Africa Centre for Population Health

Dr. Terusha Chetty

P.O. Box 198
Mtubatuba 3935
South Africa

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T. +27 (0)35 5507562


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The epidemiology of HIV in pregnancy

Terusha is a clinician, public health medicine specialist and epidemiologist working at the Africa Centre for Population Health since 2011 with a research and clinical interest in the relationship between pregnancy, HIV infection and HIV-related outcomes which may affect perinatal and maternal health. Terusha is currently pursuing a PhD funded by the Medical Research Council Clinician Research Programme examining the epidemiology of pregnancy and HIV-infection during and across pregnancies in rural South Africa. Terusha is also involved in the MONARCH study, which aims to determine the causal impact of a quality improvement intervention targeted at pregnant women in improving antenatal and postnatal health systems outcomes.