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In addition to the close collaboration and input from colleagues at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, University of Cape Town, UK Medical Research Council CTU, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Imperial College and University College of London, we also collaborate with:

  • ALPHA Network
    The ALPHA Network aims to facilitate analysis of the data on demographic aspects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic being collected by population-based longitudinal studies that conduct both demographic and HIV surveillance. The Africa Centre is a founder member of the network, which currently comprises five studies in sub-Saharan Africa and a technical support team from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The network receives funding from the Wellcome Trust to run training workshops and provide individual support to facilitate replication by site members of analyses of the demographic correlates and consequences of HIV infection previously published in just one or two sites. It also undertakes comparative studies and meta-analyses of pooled data sets designed to address the data needs of national and international agencies involved in development and monitoring of interventions or epidemiological forecasting.
  • INDEPTH Network
    The Africa Centre is a founding member of the INDEPTH Network, which is an international platform of sentinel demographic sites that facilitates health and demographic data sharing and research to enable developing countries to set health priorities and policies based on longitudinal evidence. INDEPTH's data and research guide the cost effective use of tools, interventions and systems to ensure and monitor progress towards national and regional goals.
  • ISPED, Bordeaux University, France
  • Global Health Institute, UCL
  • Institute of Child Health, UCL
  • Department of Infection and Population Studies 
  • WITS Public Health 
  • Brown University
    Scientists from the Africa Centre and Dr. Abby Harrison - from the Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, New England, USA - are collaborating on a Youth Intervention Program.  This program (Umthombo Wentsha) aims to reduce HIV infection among school-going youth in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  This proposed intervention aims to address the problem on three levels:
    1.  The school, where senior peer mentors will work to engage youth and teachers in a participatory process to improve the learning environment.
    2.  Young people with a group-based curriculum focused on sexual risk reduction, vocational skills and positive life choices.
    3.  The broader school community, to mobilize supportive change.
    Professors Mark Lurie and Steve Mc Garvey will collaborate with Africa Centre on two prospective studies; namely the "Intra household clustering of over weight and under weight" and "Qualitative formative research into HIV status and body image".  The first will use data collected in the first round of the HIV surveillance, which also included height and weight, and will be augmented with additional qualitative work.
  • Princeton (Prof. Anne Case)
  • University of Cape Town (Dr. Cally Ardington)
  • University of Cape Town IeDEA - (Dr. Andrew Boullé) 



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